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If you can imagine your life in the shape of a mountain, then you can surely turn your heart loose at the door of this production. For the journey up ones life-mountain is never mapped out, or fated to fit into a predisposed archetype; there is certainly no battery-operated manual to help us reach the end in an easy manner.

In the case of the Swamp Princess and her Space Cowboy, they skim slowly into love, whilst dragging mounds of swamp scum up their equally deranged mountains, concurrently expressing their tale through magical rock ballads, and up-tempo rainbow-love songs.

The brainchild of composers Megan Lui and Justin Johnson, and producer/art director Molly Brolin and featuring a band of all-star Rock and Roll musicians and visual artists, Smile Swamp Princess conjures a glittery take on everyday swamp life.
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Making the atmosphere a place to be heard

Full length Album coming 2014

You all are blowing our minds! We’ve managed to raise 35% of our goal!

Thank you all so very much! Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to pitch in yet, there’s still three (3.0) days left!

Find yourself at the Indiegogo! And watch our Intstagram @smileswampprincess for more countdown videos! 

DoNUT! It’s good for you and made of chocolate! 

Check out the Indiegogo! And watch our Intstagram @smileswampprincess for more countdown videos!

Donating to a Rock Opera is way cheaper than getting a tattoo, plus it won’t scare your mother! Double Score!

Check out the Indiegogo! And watch our Intstagram @smileswampprincess for more countdown videos!

Especially for our favorite slugs (that’s you!) on this the final note of the week, a new video cut with a live recording!

Help us shimmy and shake out a record album and ch-ch-check out all the swampy swag you can nab in the process. SWAMP SWAG 

Thats right, Megan, Justin, Cody, Ben and Jorn are going into the studio to thrust and squiggle out the full length album of swampy rock opera delight. We are engaged in a hot and heavy campaign to get the word out, and support the tribe that brings this production to the world. PRE ORDER THE ALBUM AND OTHER SMILE SWAMP PRINCESS MERCHANDISE. See you in the new year. Spread the word ya’ll!

Cody Justin Jorn Ben and Megan of Smile Swamp Princess photo by Gillian Arndt